Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What is it?

by nii ayertey aryeh

So what is it that makes

You find one of them more

Appealing than the other?

When they both suffered the

Same end of assassination.


What is it that makes you

celebrate one as a national hero?

When they both stood and fought

For the same cause of black rights and freedom.


What is it that makes you

Happily glorify and recognise

one more than the other?

Oh! Is it because one is a Christian

And the other a Moslem.


I don’t care about your excuses

But when mention Martin Luther King jnr.

Don’t forget to also praise Malcolm X, Kwame Ture

And all those who resisted your shameful violence.


What ever it is that makes you put up a statue

Of Nelson Mandela infront of your parliament

Should also make you feel humbly ashamed to put

Up one inside the same parliament.

Because your EU’s ideas are originally his.

Excuse my ignorance! What is it at all?



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