Saturday, January 17, 2009

Colourless Curse

By Brother Biko

oh soweto

oh children

oh zimbabwe

not yet uhuru

theyve not changed

they wont change

we have to change things

chaining our feet

hanging our mind

tearing us apart to build themselves

satisfying their selfishness and greed

on our mind and our back

destroying our cultures

stealing our  myths

and giving it back to us

to make us look stupid

giving us a god to worship to  keep us in slave ship

diverting our attention to the skies

as they dig beneath our sole

for the gold that made europe and amerikkka

drowning us in angry oceans

casting us into prisons within prisons

for the crime of speaking about freedom

as they sleep with our wives

rape our mothers

snatch our husbands

kill our fathers

shattering our families into irretrievable pieces

battering our heads for refusing to be slaves

chopping off our hands over rubber

making us do the same to ourselves

for them to get their blings

demonizing us for reclaiming our farmlands

confusing us to the realities of this life

crushing our aspirations and giving us false hopes

unfair trade deals here and there

allying themselves to oppressive pro western regimes

providing tips to blind our foolish leaders

for them to keep the people in poverty

by bringing in idiotic problematic solutions

to aggravate white mess all these years

and yet the slavemasters talk about a curse on afrikans

what curse do we know of if not they on us

what curse is undoing afrikans

if not the same old colourless curse


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