Monday, February 16, 2009


By Vivian Golo-Kumah
My soul wonders in thought of life
What life will I behold as a young woman?
Will I be powerful and mighty as they say?
Or live in my little timid way of life.
Life has become nightmare of uncertainty,
Yes! The past I know, the present I live in
But what use have I made of the present
This is all I have and know of, I think of and cherish.
And steadfastly I hold
The future is my deepest fear and has caused me sleepless night.
The Fear of living in perpetual guilt of failure to achieve my heart desires.
The fear that haunt me like death, ghost and like a monster.
Life oh life! All I ask for is fairness
All I hope for is greatness, happiness and fulfillment in life.
Oh life, oh, oh life so unpredictable
Oh life, oh life so gracious yet unassuming.

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