Monday, February 16, 2009


by Maame Ama Pratt

We’re friends
We’re friends on earth
We’re friends in my dreams

We talk on phone till the sun sets and the cock crows
We seize every opportunity to be together

I feel blue…
I hear your voice…
I feel gay

Sorrow clutches at my heart…
Need your soothing voice to calm me
Your broad shoulders to rest on
Your eyes to tell me
Everything will be alright

I’m happy …
Have to share my joy with my boo
Have to laugh at you
Have to laugh with you

My day dreams are vivid images of us strolling on the beach holding hands
Running in the rain, soaked, cold and happy

My night dreams are scenes of us walking on the moon with the sun in our hands and the stars at our feet

With you, I feel visibly invisible

Is this love?
Is this love that I’m feeling

Why do I love you?

Could it be your smile
That lights up a room and brightens up my world

Could it be your soothing voice
That vibrates in my ear long after you’ve gone

Could it be your heart
Your good, warm, thoughtful heart

Could it be your lips
That curls up in that sweet manner
When you say …
I love you

I love you too

I don’t know why

Maybe I’m just a foolish girl
Maybe I’m just sentimental
But maybe it’s because I love me
When I love you!

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