Monday, February 16, 2009


By Kwakuvi Azasu!
In the eventide I wearily plod
The shrub fringed path to Luhue in flood
Numb and weary, wearily on, I plod
They, many creatures my feet disturbed
From slumber troubled and perturbed
Run frantic into the running water, to the sound “plop”
The snake like the butterflies
Wriggles harmless as it flies,
Away into the running water, to sound “plop”
On, on I walk the water brim,
To wake a crocodile from his dream,-
With an ugly deftness and splash! Away to swim!
All creatures nimbly make way
All creatures nimbly make way
For me as they plunge with awe
Into the depths of running Luhue.
Suddenly! And I wonder
Why a colossal hippo also thunders!
Into the water with a deafening – splash!
Then the thought shoot my brain
Shattering ignorance to establish truth:
Man is greater, man is greater! Than all!

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