Monday, February 16, 2009


by Vivian Golokumah
Poor woman, look how oppressed she is
Suppressed she has been all this years.
Marriage has limited her to little chances,
Marriage has put her in captivity of no choice of
Poor woman, she can’t speak when her husband
Speaks, she can’t even have a decent conversation
With her husband without being beaten like a thief who
Has Stolen.
Her very existence is pain, anguish, anxiety and nightmare
Because she is a woman who married to a beast as husband.
Poor woman, she has no right over her sexuality, her husband own
Her like a piece of land, he decides when to plant, nature and cultivate
The land.
The poor woman has to be submissive and loving unconditionally
to the husband. She is like a piece of wood before her husband she
can’t have equal love and be treated like the woman that she is.
The poor woman has to produce children as a prove her womanhood
Marriage has enslaved her.
All in name of womanhood.
All she ever wanted as woman was happiness as a married woman.

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