Monday, April 20, 2009


By Brother Biko
In afrika all things happen
As long as leaders say amen
To the World Bank and IMF
To rip us on masters behalf
But we can turn the table
And make the continent stable
If we mean to rule destiny
And not sell our souls for money

Afrika shan’t be safe and sound
When grave exploitation abound
When we sit on gold to be poor
Whilst masters hide behind the law
If we change our mentality
And wreck the cause of poverty
Rape murder robbery and crime
Shall run to once upon a time

When people do not find justice
Then justice finds highest office
You see ballots thrown far away
Bullets rise to have the final say
Social insurance of one all
Leaders followers great or small
Is the key to stability
That’s no gift from god almighty

Learning to become foreign tools
Producing their raw materials
Neglecting our common sense
Holding fast to indifference
Can only lead us to deepest hell
Let’s look within and make things well
Lets be our one and only hope
Life is far from opera soap

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