Monday, April 20, 2009

Beautiful great women

By Brother Biko
Beautiful great women of afrika
You aren’t objects for bad men to conquer
Beautiful righteous women of the world
You must be seen but most of all be heard
In unity lie your hope and power
You mustn’t wither away like flower
Don’t let cheap chocolate vibes confuse you
You deserve the best you deserve your due

You are the most important in this life
Nature made you to be more than a wife
You are too great to be disrespected
Too glorious to be misappreciated
You are more than things for men to look at
You don’t deserve to serve as a doormat
United you can do what you need to do
Don’t let any pig discourage you

Let not men sing praises of your behinds
And still treat you as very little minds
To have emotional intelligence
Doesn’t mean you have weak rational sense
Time is ripe to rise on your brain and feet
Aim at every parliamentarian seat
If you allow men to make all the rules
You will be left with kitchen tools

Religions are there to oppress women
Don’t follow doctrines to sexist den
The myth of eve made you the most hated
That of Delilah made you least trusted
Holy books by men are politics of sex
All written to leave you in hell annex
Know your story and get understanding
That your life did not begin in Eden

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