Monday, April 20, 2009

Blacks and nearly whites

By Brother Biko
Blacks and nearly whites lets do something right
Let’s come together and fight the good fight
We cannot sit down nor spend our precious lives
Serving greedy slave masters and their wives
As they loot from our national coffers
And brand our continents super worthless
It behoves on us to build a society
That believes first in human equality

Blacks and nearly whites let us see the light
Try and help each other with all our might
Life is for a collective benefit
Not for ones outrageous greedy profit
Let’s reach into our minds and delve deeper
We can move on as each others keeper
Bring out the best in our collective selves
And be grateful to life for what she serves

Blacks and nearly whites life has one secret
Which is to fear nothing and be discreet
Let’s build a world pretty much like heaven
We are capable when we look within
Good attitude to life is all we need
Let not despair and hopelessness breed
Too late to think of making a good beginning
But we all can make excellent ending

Blacks and nearly whites its time for a change
If we just sit down things won’t rearrange
It takes scores of ten thousands to be poor
For one fool to get rich and rule the law
As long as there are billionaires on earth
Millions of people shall live in pain and death
Its time for us to act lets be working
Against the system of a queen and king

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