Monday, April 20, 2009

My Ekua

By Brother Biko

Two most beautiful women in the world
My one and only ekua and the rest
Two most beautiful women ever made
My lovely ekua is the very best
Ekua never passed thru varsity
But she holds an enviable love degree
Ekua is bright smart conscious courteous
She care less about church yet she’s righteous

Ekua is neither rude nor arrogant
She’s responsible not extravagant
Ekua is sweet sweeter than berries
She’s mindful of her thank yous and sorrys
Ekua knows why she has ears and a mouth
She don’t let me say enough is enough
I don’t have a cause to fear or doubt her
We belong to each other she’s aware

Ekua is her own standard of beauty
She don’t covet an European identity
A beauty in the truest sense of the word
Not the type to let a man lose his head
Ekua never wears perm wig lipstick
She don’t respond to pig tags like bitch chick
Ekua knows her rights and also her limits
No matter what we shall not call it quits

For ekua my heart always sings a song
A d ay without her is like a year long
Better to spend time away from my life
Than spend days away from my future wife
Whenever she’s talking I am all ears
Her voice kills my pains and towels my tears
I am not complete without my ekua
I need her today next and forever

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