Monday, April 20, 2009

Children of civilization

By Brother Biko
Children of civilization
Now set to abject destruction
Frozen is our desire to know
Little we think we know aren’t so
Children of greatest mind makers
Perishing amongst non thinkers
Our minds are on serious run
We are like captives in the can

Our men energetic and strong
Almost cannot tell right from wrong
Our women pretty to behold
Mostly sex items to be sold
We awakened humanity
But out of goddamn naivety
We are still down not ready to rise
And leaders are still telling lies

Our nations are right down the drain
Our youth are hooked on gun and cocaine
Our leaders mostly deaf and blind
System won’t allow them to be kind
The creator gave us a head start
How come we failed to do our part
We must research and find ourselves
And give system what it deserves

Christianity came by way of gun
Islam by means of a swordsman
We were the pagans they did say
Foolish were we to choose their way
Let’s find our own ways and means
We can’t live on slave religions
Five hundred years in abject mess
Time to say no to oppressors

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